Extract Centerline of free form tube

Scene: a non-descript grey fabric covered box that currently contains a workstation running NX and 2 coworkers

Coworker: Hey, I need to measure the length of this tube I have...

NXJournaling: No problem, here's a journal that lets you select a tube and adds up the lengths of the defining sections

Coworker: actually, it is from an imported part; there are no defining objects in the file...

Clean up flat pattern for NC processing

Clean up sheet metal flat pattern

Here is a journal submitted by user hppianoman. The intended use is to clean up the sheet metal flat pattern before performing a DXF export for further processing. The journal performs the following steps:

  1. Rename the "flat-pattern" modeling view in order to remove the random number NX puts on the end.
  2. Replace the current view with the flat-pattern view as the "work" view.
  3. Select all lines and arcs of the flat-pattern and copy them to the clipboard.