OuterMost Of Surface

i have a poblem, i want get 6 points of a Solid or Surface to Create a aboundingbox.I found in Internet, but it create a boudingbox and get min_corner.

What do you want to do that the referenced journal does not do? It reports the directions and distances of the bounding box along with the box corner. Given this information, you can calculate the outermost points.

Thanhks NXJournaling.
With Information of command " ufs.Modl.AskBoundingBoxExact" i can caculate outermost points of Boudingbox. But i want coordinate of 6 outermost points of surface or solid.

In that case, I would suggest taking the information from the bounding box function and creating a datum plane on the first side of the bounding box then use the function .AskMinimumDist to find the point on the object closest to the datum plane. Repeat for the other 5 sides.

Call ufs.Modl.AskExtreme six times. Each call will give you one of the "outermost" points that you want.