Batch file to run Journal File


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I have come across the journal file (Export Drawing To .Dxf File Using NX Journal) which creates DXF file from NX drawing sheet, which is very good and saves a lot of time.

So I am just curious to know if we can run the same Journal file without opening NX and run it through windows batch file.

Please let me know if there is any possibility to do this request?

Thank you very much

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Siemens supplies a utility with NX called "run_journal.exe" which will run a journal and can be called from a script or other program. The run_journal utility will start an NX process in the background (no GUI) and run the specified journal. You may need to tweak the journal a little to get it to run in this manner (pass in a part file path and have the journal open the file before operating on it), but I think it will do what you need. Note that no GUI will be presented to the user, but a valid NX license will be needed for the operations that the journal performs.

Below are a few other threads that touch on this topic:

Thank you very much for the suggestions. I would try your suggestions.

I come up with one more request from the user, whether we can use the journal (Export Drawing To .Dxf File Using NX Journal) for the bunch of drawings located in a different location at a time?

The code listed here:
only operates on the current drawing. However, you can add code that would take other input, such as a text file or Excel worksheet, and operate on the listed files.

I hope I can modify the code and make the necessary changes, thanks for your guidance.

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