dealing with an automatic dialogue box help

I have a journal that opens each part of an assembly individually to take a picture of it, the problem is there is a dialogue box that opens automatically for each part that interrupts the export requiring someone to sit at their machine for hours clicking okay everytime it pops up. For the journal that is doing the exporting, any ideas what could be added to the script to look for and automatically click okay? Any API functions that can detect a dialogue box or do things with it?

What command are you running that pops up a dialog? When running API commands, pop-ups are supposed to be automatically disabled (it may be a bug that you need to report to GTAC).

Can you share the relevant section of code?

Actually the dialogue box is implemented some other way than in the journal I'm running. It will popup regardless if you open the part manually or through the picture journal.

Which API statement or interactive command is triggering the dialog? What is the message in the dialog?

This is a TC managed NX session. I think there is a field/setting in TC for certain components that triggers NX to open this dialog requiring clicking an acknowledgment. I recorded a journal then opened one of these parts and the journal did not show anything that was related to generating a dialog it just shows me opening the part. I need a function/class and code examples that can query newly opened parts for any dialog boxes than will automatically apply an OK click to it thus closing and allowing the rest of my module to resume running.

I suggest contacting GTAC. When running API code, popups should be automatically disabled by NX. It may be a bug that GTAC needs to be aware of, or they may be able to provide a work-around.