What is Handle-R1017 in NXjournal and how to fix FindObject failure because of it

Hello All,

I am writting a NXOpen program. Following is workflow.
Create Cylinder
Create Sketch
Select some curves from sketch and project them on Cylinder face.

From above steps, We create Cylinder and sketch, exactly similar everytime for this by some other journal or manually.

Now in journal, something is written like "Handle R-1017". When I replay that, findobject on "Handle R-1017" fails.

So my question is what is "Handle R-1017", I mean, I know is line from sketch, but what in terms of NXOpen.

How to fix FindObject() failure in this case


The "Handle-R1017" that you see is most likely what is known as a journal identifier. A journal identifier is a unique ID that NX gives each object during the journal recording process. When the journal is played, it looks for the exact same object as when it was recorded. What this means is that if you delete the object or play the journal in a different file, the journal will likely fail. This is referred to as "selection stickiness"; if you want to develop your journal into general purpose code that can run on different part files, you need to remove the stickiness. An overview of selection stickiness and some ideas to remove it can be found here: