datum feature symbol enclosed in parentheses

hello there,
Can I select a symbol on the drafting page and enclose it in parentheses? I would like to enclose the datum symbols in parentheses to indicate that I want to be a reference.

Is that allowed in the drafting standard that you are using? I ask because I could not find an easy way to accomplish it with the ASME standard. When something is allowed in the standard NX generally has a mechanism in place to create it. One work-around that I found was to create a note with the large parentheses and some white space in between "<(> <)>", then use the annotation origin tool to associate it to the datum feature. Once it is associated to the datum feature, it updates position when the datum feature moves.

If adding parentheses is not allowed in your current drawing standard, I'd suggest abandoning the idea and finding a way to accomplish what you need within the standard's framework.

Thank you for the advice. It may not be appropriate for ASME regulations, but in some cases companies may set their own standards with the intent to avoid the mess. For this reason, I want to put the auxiliary elements in parentheses. Will you be able to help with this?

I gave you one potential solution in my comment above; would that approach work for you?

No, because I need mamro software, which can be wrapped in parentheses of datum that I want but not my recommendation. I want this urgently.
If you have your knowledge, you can give me support in this matter.

Sorry, I should have been more clear. What I was asking is this: Is the result from the process mentioned above acceptable to you? If so, it can be automated with journal code. If the result isn't what you want, then there is no point writing code for it.

I do not understand what you mean by being clearer but for me everything is very clear I have to enclose the DATUM symbol in parentheses. I want to be hurt if there is a solution with code. Your information can help if you have a code.