New file for drafting the Layer should be set a 100 working layer

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Its possible to set a default layer for new file for drafting.
User will open drafting for create new file,i want working sheet should be in 100 layer.

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Are you using a drawing template file? If so, set the desired working layer there and save the template. New drawing files will have the work layer as you set it.

Thanks for reply

I am using customer templates for drawings.
I had searched all folders for customer templates for edit but not getting.
Please suport on this where its saved (path).

Thank you

Will you have write access to these templates?

Also, are you using teamcenter or some other PLM system or just plain NX?

ya i have but difficult find path for templates.
Currently using plain NX

You can check the NX log file (menu -> help -> log file...) and search for the term "pax". This will result in lots of hits; pax files are text files that tell NX what to use as templates. When you find the drawing template pax file, you can open it and determine where the templates are stored (they are likely in the same folder as the pax file, but not necessarily).

I will check and let you know.
Thank you so much for your support