Using VB Code

I have used Visual Studio 2015 in the past to write and compile NXOpen applications. The IntelliSense available in the IDE is very helpful. I am considering using VS Code to write (not compile) NXOpen applications but I am not sure if the NX namespace can be added to it when programming in Visual Basic. In Visual Studio you add a reference to the needed NX dlls and IntelliSense picks up the namespace. Any thoughts on this? Have any other IDEs been used just for editing journals that utilize IntelliSense?

I'm currently using VS community 2015 to write (uncompiled) journal code. Yes, you will need a reference to the NXOpen dll files. Basically, just keep writing code as you are now, but don't compile it. You will be left with a .vb file in your project directory (e.g. Module1.vb) that you can then run as a journal.

If your project is spread out over multiple files (for example, you have a custom class written in its own file or you are using Winforms), you must combine these files into a single .vb file for journal execution in NX. One of the requirements of running a journal is that all the code must be contained in a single file. An example of combining code like this can be found in the article about using Winforms:

I've only used VS Code very briefly. I assume it has some ability to add references, import namespaces, etc., or else it would be useless. As far as I know, there's nothing special or different about the NX/Open DLLs, so VS Code should be able to handle them the same way it handles anything else.

The other IDE I have used is SharpDevelop. I think it's pretty good. You have to get an older version (V4 or earlier, I think), because the newer versions don't support VB.