Create screenshot and save to Windows clipboard

The following journal will create a screenshot of the current NX graphics window (using a white background) and place the resulting image on the Windows clipboard. After running the journal, you can immediately paste the image into another application (email message, powerpoint deck, paint program, etc.). The resulting image is cropped,except for a user-specified amount of white space around the image.

'August 11, 2015
'Export a screenshot from NX with a white background
'place the image data on the Windows clipboard so you can immediately
'"paste" the image to a new location (email, powerpoint, etc).
'This version will crop the image and provide a user supplied amount of "whitespace" on each side of the image.
Option Strict Off
Imports System
Imports System.Drawing
Imports System.Windows.Forms
Imports NXOpen
Imports NXOpen.UF
Module Module2
    Dim theSession As Session = Session.GetSession()
    Dim theUfSession As UFSession = UFSession.GetUFSession()
    Sub Main()
        If IsNothing(theSession.Parts.BaseWork) Then
            'active part required
        End If
        Dim lw As ListingWindow = theSession.ListingWindow
        Dim tempScreenshot As String
        Dim tempLocation As String = IO.Path.GetTempPath
        tempScreenshot = IO.Path.Combine(tempLocation, "NXscreenshot.png")
        Catch ex As Exception
            lw.WriteLine("Error: " & ex.Message)
        End Try
        'crop the screenshot (filename, amount of whitespace on each side of image [integer value, number of pixels])
        CropScreenshot(tempScreenshot, 5)
        'copy image to clipboard
        Dim theImage As Bitmap = CType(Image.FromFile(tempScreenshot), Bitmap)
    End Sub
    Sub ExportScreenshot(ByVal filename As String)
        'save user preference for visibility of WCS, triad, view name, and view border
        Dim wcsVisible As Boolean = theSession.Parts.BaseDisplay.WCS.Visibility
        Dim triadVisible As Integer = theSession.Preferences.ScreenVisualization.TriadVisibility
        Dim displayModelViewNames As Boolean = theSession.Parts.BaseDisplay.Preferences.NamesBorderVisualization.ShowModelViewNames
        Dim displayModelViewBorders As Boolean = theSession.Parts.BaseDisplay.Preferences.NamesBorderVisualization.ShowModelViewBorders
        'turn off the WCS, triad, view name, and view border
        theSession.Parts.BaseDisplay.WCS.Visibility = False
        theSession.Preferences.ScreenVisualization.TriadVisibility = 0
        theSession.Parts.BaseDisplay.Preferences.NamesBorderVisualization.ShowModelViewBorders = False
        theSession.Parts.BaseDisplay.Preferences.NamesBorderVisualization.ShowModelViewNames = False
            theUfSession.Disp.CreateImage(filename, UFDisp.ImageFormat.Png, UFDisp.BackgroundColor.White)
        Catch ex As Exception
            MsgBox(ex.Message & ControlChars.NewLine & _
                   "'" & filename & "' could not be created")
            Throw New Exception("Screenshot could not be created")
            'reset visibility of WCS, triad, view name, and view border to user's preference
            theSession.Parts.BaseDisplay.WCS.Visibility = wcsVisible
            theSession.Preferences.ScreenVisualization.TriadVisibility = triadVisible
            theSession.Parts.BaseDisplay.Preferences.NamesBorderVisualization.ShowModelViewBorders = displayModelViewBorders
            theSession.Parts.BaseDisplay.Preferences.NamesBorderVisualization.ShowModelViewNames = displayModelViewNames
        End Try
    End Sub
    Sub CropScreenshot(ByVal theImageFile As String, ByVal borderWidth As Integer)
        'borderWidth = whitespace to leave around the border of the image
        Dim original As New Bitmap(theImageFile)
        Dim JPGminX As Integer = original.Width
        Dim JPGminY As Integer = original.Height
        Dim JPGmaxX As Integer = 0
        Dim JPGmaxY As Integer = 0
        Dim bckgrndColor As Color = Color.White
        For y As Integer = 0 To original.Height - 1
            For x As Integer = 0 To original.Width - 1
                If original.GetPixel(x, y).ToArgb <> bckgrndColor.ToArgb Then
                    If x < JPGminX Then
                        JPGminX = x
                    ElseIf x > JPGmaxX Then
                        JPGmaxX = x
                    End If
                    If y < JPGminY Then
                        JPGminY = y
                    ElseIf y > JPGmaxY Then
                        JPGmaxY = y
                    End If
                End If
        Dim rect As New Rectangle(JPGminX, JPGminY, JPGmaxX - JPGminX, JPGmaxY - JPGminY)
        Dim cropped As Bitmap = original.Clone(rect, original.PixelFormat)
        'create new image sized to add border around cropped image
        Dim border As New Bitmap(cropped.Width + (2 * borderWidth), cropped.Height + (2 * borderWidth), cropped.PixelFormat)
        'create a new graphics object
        Dim g As Graphics = Graphics.FromImage(border)
        'fill the graphics object with white color (for background)
        Using myBrush As Brush = New SolidBrush(Color.White)
            g.FillRectangle(myBrush, 0, 0, border.Width, border.Height)
        End Using
        'calculate position to place cropped image onto background image
        Dim xImage As Integer = border.Width - cropped.Width - borderWidth
        Dim yImage As Integer = border.Height - cropped.Height - borderWidth
        'draw cropped image onto white background
        g.CompositingMode = Drawing2D.CompositingMode.SourceOver
        g.DrawImage(cropped, New Drawing.Point(xImage, yImage))
        'dispose of unneeded graphics objects
        'save our finished graphics file
        border.Save(theImageFile, Imaging.ImageFormat.Png)
    End Sub
    Public Function GetUnloadOption(ByVal dummy As String) As Integer
        'Unloads the image immediately after execution within NX
        GetUnloadOption = NXOpen.Session.LibraryUnloadOption.Immediately
    End Function
End Module